A book that changed me

I remember reading a similar book, which title and author escape me right now completely, when I was maybe 16-17 and the decisions about my future loomed over me.
I think I made the right ones, I’ve studied subjects I love, enjoyed the time, people and expanding my horizons.
So what thou, as getting a position doing something remotely connected with my education – and by proxy, my dream job – is next to impossible?
I work in a lovely place, with very nice people but doing boring, boring things that make my brain turn to mush and all my skills and knowledge I gathered on the way seep slowly out of me with every day.

So, I agree. Doing something you love is important, and great, and you should strive to get a job where you can do just that. But don’t hold your breath and don’t just wait around for the perfect opportunity – to do what you love for money you need a truck load of determination AND a bit of luck.

I wish that last part to everyone, myself included.

Book of words

The ElementThe inspiration for this blog post came from the Guardian site which encourages readers to contribute short blurbs about books that left them with a lasting impression.

For me, my choice would be non-fiction book “The Element” by educationalist Ken Robinson. I bought it during a long transit at London’s Heathrow airport to kill time but it turned out to be the right book, ‘speaking’ to me at a point in my life where I was standing at a crossroad after completing my undergraduate degree.

For many of us, graduation is a milestone in our lives where we are being thrust with the responsibility to decide how we are going to take our first steps into the real world. I thought long and hard, even when I was traveling, about various considerations mentioned in the book such as money, career and passion.

And I regretted. I started re-thinking about my…

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