More about the super secrets and who is sending what to whom

New development in the journalists v government skirmish today.

Independent announced today that the UK government is running a secret surveillance base in the Middle East. Thousands of emails and phone calls are monitored by tapping into the submerged fibre-optic cables running through the region.  The information obtained is suposedely being shared with other Western security agencies.  According to Independent, details of this operation were included in the documents Edward Snowden got from the NSA. 

And here comes the question: how do they know it was included in the Snowden’s files?

On Guardian’s website Snowden denies having anything to do with Independent and it’s staff, Greenwald and the Guardian likewise deny providing any such information.

So who was the Independent’s source?  Who would have access to the information leaked by Snowden and share such a juicy detail with the Independent?  Speculations are rife but the main suspect so far is the government itself.

It wouldn’t be the first bizzare governmental decision in the last few days. This honour belongs (in the national security department) in my personal opinion,  to the destruction of  the Guardian’s hard drives with NSA files  on them.  As the editor of the Guardian stated from the beginning, copies of those files exist in few different locations worldwide, so the destruction of the drives achieved nothing.  Even if it was supposed to be just an intimidation act, it turned out quite feeble…


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