Surveillance state

Surveillance state

Although I do agree in general that Britain is becoming more and more fixated on snooping (in all shapes and forms), the data provided in this post makes the statement of Britain being “the top pryer” a tad exaggerated. 

We seem to be quite in line with the rest of the world in that respect, which is, if anything, a little surprising.  

Ha!  I did go to the source and with greater sample of country specific requests for data from Facebook we indeed look quite poorly.  We are still significantly less snooped upon than people in USA or India, and just marginally more than Italians, Germans or French but we are quite behind  (or ahead, depending on the view)  Spain (479 requests), Canada (192) or Sweden (54).


A tip for  – more data in your compilations would give your conclusions some validity, especially for someone who just browses through and doesn’t have the time to go to the sources! 

Misinformation everywhere!


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