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Guns, car chases and a little girl at the back seat…

Miriam Carey, 34, was shot and killed by the Washington DC police after trying to go through the barriers around the White House and the Capitol.  A single young black woman, surrounded by the policemen pointing guns at her, she chose to ram a police car and drive off. The officers fired multiple shots even thou they were in a crowded area.

A chase ensued in which one policeman was knocked over by Carey and another drove his car into a concrete barrier.

When Carey got her car stuck, she was surrounded and shot to death.

She was unarmed and had her 1 year old daughter with her in the car.

I am not sure if we will ever find out what drove her to going what she did and why her behaviour was so erratic. She was supposed to suffer from post-partum depression but at the same time her family and co-workers describe her a warm, good person.  Did she have a nervous breakdown? Following her first attempt to get through the barriers around the White House did she get scared of the police officers and their guns and panicked? Was she confused and scared from the beginning? Or  was she trying to get killed?

I find it hard to believe she was planning a terrorist attack at the Capitol. The little I’ve seen from the footage points rather to someone confused and lost.

Did she pose a threat? Probably yes, to certain extent. Should they have killed her? No.

I keep thinking that in Britain those police officers would not have the guns in the first place.  Maybe they would be more exposed to danger, that’s true. But maybe they would have managed to communicate with her more effectively and instead of killing her they might have managed to get her out of the car and find out what was wrong.

And I keep thinking about this little girl. She is just one year old now. What will someone tell her when she asks what happened with her mum? And will she have nightmares  not even realising that it’s the events of that day that are causing them?

I don’t want to judge either side, but something went wrong there, I think.

And congressmen thanking the police for their efforts in keeping them safe seem just this little bit overkill. ” Thank you for saving us from a woman, whose motives we know nothing about, and who haven’t actually caused serious harm, and her one year old child”.

I’m angry and sad, and keep going back to the thought what if one of my loved ones had an emotional breakdown and did something stupid… Would it get them killed too?

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