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A few thoughts about spanking

So, I’ve read this wee article in the Times today about a minister who was arrested for allegedly [don’t you just love this expression? frees you of any responsibility for your own words] inflicting ‘religious spanking’ on his fellow female worshippers.

The reverend of course claims he did nothing wrong and that he doesn’t even know what he is accused of. Sounds a bit of a stretch, as in the UK it is your right that the police tell you why they arrest you, but never mind.

What really caught my attention thou was the Christian Domestic Discipline and the quote from a wife of a real Christian:

“My husband doesn’t need to impose strict rules as I am now naturally submissive. He rarely punishes me and when he does, he is firm but fair,” she said. “It is always consensual and loving.”

I think the word ‘now’ hidden there in this sentence should ring some alarm bells. She is now naturally submissive, but was she submissive when she entered that relationship? She didn’t say she realised she is naturally submissive and she enjoys the type of relationship she has with her husband. It rings more like ‘ I had no choice so I got used to it’ kind of situation. Or maybe its just my own filter…

See, I am all in for freedom of lifestyle choice and I think people should have a right to enter a mature, consensual relationships, also those including physical punishment, if that is what they like, what turns them on or what helps them relax and enjoy their life.  I’m not into BDSM but I accept the fact that there are people who love it, on both dominant and submissive side, and I think they should be able to enjoy each other’s company in the way they like, as long as it is fully consensual.

I also can’t stop thinking how many relationships like that are just a cover for abuse and there is no consent, but rather misuse, fear and self-hatred. [I do hope I am wrong!]

I absolutely loathe hypocrisy! When people find justification for cruelty, abuse and mistreating of others in religious books and preachings my blood pressure is rising to dangerous levels and I just don’t know how to deal with it.

But if someone tells you that he has to spank his ‘disobedient’ wife because Bible tells him so, I think he is lying to himself and everyone around!